Simple Shelter

Custom Garden Structures

sheds, cabins, decks, gazebos, trellises, arbors, gates, fences, barns, treehouses, playhouses, greenhouses, bridges, benches


“Beautifying the world - one backyard at a time” That is my motto and my mission! My name is Victor Summers and I build one-of-a-kind projects, mostly out of wood and some  imagination. I have been recycling building materials for years, since before it was ‘in’ to be ‘green’. When designing I plan carefully to minimize waste and keep materials costs down. I love to design and create, but I appreciate a well-designed and engineered product in kit form and am happy to provide expertise in siting and assembly if you have fallen in love with a prefabricated structure that you have seen online. Also, some of the backyard buildings seen online can be easily duplicated locally for a much more reasonable price. So if you have an idea and can’t quite find what you want, or if you browse my portfolios and get inspired by something you see here, contact me and we’ll talk about how to make it happen!

Victor Summers   Spring Branch, TX   830-885-7454

About the Artist

On a trip to Slovenia in 2012, I met cousins who took me to a ‘pod’ built by my great-grandfather, Jernej Klinc, in 1882. All of a sudden my passions in life seemed to make sense!

Living A Creative Life

Born in Tokyo, Japan and growing up in an Air Force family in Texas, North Africa, and Europe, I was blessed with an appreciation for art and architecture by being exposed to a wide range of it! My cultural enlightenment was put on hold when I decided to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy (I was eighteen - what did I know?) and proceeded to earn two degrees in computer science. Now, this was way before desktop PCs and all of the jobs back then were in cubicle farms, so after the Air Force I thought it would be much more fun to join my friends in a spiritual community and rebuild an old hot springs resort. This led to a low-key career in the hospitality business, where I was involved in two more historic hot springs, restaurants, conference centers, and bed and breakfasts. Along the way I met my wife, a dancer, chef, and artist named Lotus McElfish ( After working together extensively as a hospitality team and pouring our creativity into other people’s properties, we decided several years ago to follow our bliss, which was to create beauty in the world. Lotus chose botanical art as her medium and her work is spectacular! When confronted with my choice for making the world more beautiful, I looked back and thought I might have enjoyed studying architecture (not an option at the academy) for its creativity and visual impact. But many hospitality development projects taught me about permits, codes and bureaucracies, so I chose to design and build on a much smaller scale. Simple Shelter gives me complete control and still provides the creative outlet and the satisfaction of a visually pleasing result. Living in a home that I designed brings me great pleasure every day and reinforces the need for a thoughtful approach to everything that I do.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris

Victor Summers - 2002

Jernej Klinc - 1882